Pharmacy as a service, delivered to your door.

  • You order

    Order medications from your wholesaler, who bills you and ships to Pack4U those to be prepared in compliance packaging.

  • we package

    We use a fully automated process and state-of-the-art technology to prepare and package meds in patient-specific packaging.

  • we check and ship to you

    Visual inspection aids and a pharmacist’s check ensure accuracy. You receive finished prescriptions to provide to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Pack4U?

Pack4U gives you the power to innovate, grow your business, and accelerate your opportunities. Use our high-tech pharmacy to:

  • Get into compliance packaging quickly and cost-effectively
  • Add long-term care services without hiring staff or investing in automation
  • Expand your use of automation or establish back-up for automation in use
  • Reduce labor in the pharmacy to focus on patient care, other services and/or business growth
  • Take on new retail or LTC business without adding or reorganizing staff
  • Boost dispensing accuracy and/or packaging cost-efficiency
  • Attract new partners, such as home health
  • Accelerate PACE programs
  • Positively impact CMS star ratings
  • Compete with other pharmacies
What does it cost to use Pack4U?

Your pharmacy pays a one-time “get started” fee that includes software implementation services, technical installation, our remote pharmacy application, and workflow training. You pay a flat fee (per fill) for packaging and annual support.

Do I buy medications from Pack4U?

No. You purchase drugs through your wholesaler.

Do I get my wholesaler pricing, discounts and/or rebates?

Yes. You keep your purchasing power. We have partnerships with pharmaceutical wholesalers and group purchasing organizations. You control your inventory and decide which patient orders to send to us for packaging.

Can I customize Pack4U packaging with my pharmacy’s contact information?

Yes. We work with you to customize packaging design to include your information such as your pharmacy’s name, website and phone number. To patients, the packaging will look and feel like it came directly from your pharmacy.

How do you keep track of my drug inventory at Pack4U?

Our revolutionary and proprietary software operates as an extension of your pharmacy, connecting you directly with our packaging pharmacy and providing full visibility to your inventory, down to the pill level.

What happens when a patient’s medication changes after packaging?

We package medications in a variety of increments, so we work with you to choose the cycle most appropriate for patients whose medications change more frequently to cut down on medication waste.

What kinds of packaging does Pack4U offer?

Pack4U packages medications in patient-specific, multi-dose strip packaging. We can fulfill prescription orders in a variety of cycles – ranging from 7 days to 30 days. If you are interested in other kinds of packaging, let us know.

How do I know my patient and pharmacy information is secure?

Pack4U uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, so patient and pharmacy information are protected using the latest security technology.

How does Pack4U ship the medications and what is the cost?

Pack4U will arrange shipping via any of the major delivery companies in the United States at standard shipping rates. Alternatively, you may make independent shipping arrangements using providers you already have in place.

Does the Pack4U team verify my pharmacy’s packaged medications?

Yes. A pharmacist performs a check using visual inspection aids before we ship the finished prescriptions to your pharmacy. This check constitutes pharmacist verification I (PVI).

Does Pack4U package controlled substances?

No. Your pharmacy provides controlled substances to your patients.

In what states does Pack4U operate?

We serve pharmacies in 14 states and counting: Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Contact us to find out where we stand with your state.