Patient-ready spencer Refills, delivered to your pharmacy.

  • You order

    Order medications from your wholesaler, who bills you and ships to Pack4U those to be prepared in compliance packaging.

  • we package

    We use a fully automated process and state-of-the-art technology to prepare and package meds in patient-specific packaging.

  • we check and ship to you

    Visual inspection aids and a pharmacist’s check ensure accuracy. You receive finished prescriptions to provide to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Pack4U?

Pack4U allows you to shift focus from operations to patient-centered care.

What does it cost to use Pack4U?

$25 per patient per month for multi-dose strip packaging.
$32 per patient per month for spencer refills.
Includes labor, consumables, delivery to pharmacy.

Do I buy medications from Pack4U?

No. Pack4U does NOT disrupt your current relationships.
This is achieved via a Bill-to/Ship-to model with integrated logistics.

Can I customize Pack4U packaging with my pharmacy’s contact information?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way! Your packaging will look and feel like it came directly from your pharmacy.

How do you keep track of my drug inventory at Pack4U?

We use proprietary software from Catalyst Healthcare to CentralFill™ supply chain software to orchestrate packaging fulfillment and track inventory to the dose level – from receipt of stock bottles from your wholesaler through to delivery of patient-ready packaging to your pharmacy. You use the AdhereNet™ pharmacy platform to access our packaging services with full visibility and just-on-time inventory control. We’re connected in real-time via interactive dashboards.

What happens when a patient’s medication changes after packaging?

We package medications in a variety of increments – most commonly a 7-day fill. We’ll work together to choose the cycle most appropriate for your patients whose medications change more frequently to cut down on medication waste.

What kinds of packaging does Pack4U offer?

Pack4U prepares medications in multi-dose strip packaging and patient-ready spencer® refills.

How do I know my patient and pharmacy information is secure?

Pack4U uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, so patient and pharmacy information are protected using the latest security technology.

How does Pack4U ship the medications and what is the cost?

Typically standard shipping is 2 business days, and included in the packaging fee.

Does the Pack4U team verify my pharmacy’s packaged medications?

Yes. A pharmacist performs a check using visual inspection aids before finished prescriptions are shipped to your pharmacy. This check constitutes pharmacist verification I (PVI).

Does Pack4U package controlled substances?


Where does Pack4U operate?

The United States and Canada. Explore our locations for more details.