About Us

We help people who rely on medication to live their best life

Medication is what we do. Some say we’re obsessed with the journey of a pill, and to that we say, absolutely! And proud of it. We make it easy for people to take their meds as prescribed, we make sure they're working as intended, and we take action when they're not. We care for people the way we care for our families, and treat people the way we want to be treated. And we are determined to make care like this available and accessible to all who need it. 

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Our mission

To radically improve & personalize healthcare.

Our vision

To transform the care experience for people at home.

Stop the guesswork

Guessing is fun. But not when it comes to medication.

If you’ve ever missed a medication, you’re not alone. In fact, 50% of people don’t take them as prescribed. We help with easy-to-use digital health tools, analyze data in real-time and share insights with pharmacists to personalize care and improve health outcomes. 

Our 500+ in-house pharmacists - with 20+ advanced certifications and who speak 25+ languages - remote monitor, analyze and triage to community pharmacies and primary care.

Pack4U stops the guesswork when it comes to taking medication accurately and on time
Patient with their caregiver

For patients & caregivers

Now patients and their caregivers can stop guessing whether medications are being taken at the right time and at the right dose. With Pack4U, patients experience 98% medication adherence rates — taking meds on time and as directed.

Pack4U's home-hub medicine dispenser lets patients know when it's time to take each dose, and asks follow-up questions to check for side effects. Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitors, weight scales and other devices share real-time data with pharmacists and doctors — and your loved ones. A two-way camera enables user-friendly telehealth visits.


For healthcare professionals

How do you know if a patient is taking prescriptions as directed? With our digital health tools, pharmacists and doctors can stop guessing whether patients are taking their medications correctly, understand in real-time if medications are working and take action if they are not.

Pack4U’s home-hub medication dispenser tracks patients' medication adherence. Paired with Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices we track patients' vitals remotely, in real time. And the dispenser’s user-friendly telehealth feature allows remote check-in via a two-way camera.

Pharmacists and doctors checking if their patients have taken their medication correctly with Pack4U digital tools